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 Wartime UnReps

The information on this page is a record of Guadalupe's war time refueling's as reported from the web sites of the customer ships.


From the USS O'Brien DD 725
17 August,1942
Operating out of Pearl Harbor, the ship performed escort duty and acted as patrol and
plane guard. She got underway 17 August 1942 with TF 17 to reinforce the South
Pacific Force, screening the oiler Guadalupe. While escorting a convoy of transports enroute
to Guadalcanal, joint Tfs 17 and 18 were attacked by the Japanese submarines I-15 and
I-19 on 15 September 1942. Wasp was sunk; North Carolina and O'Brien were damaged by
torpedo attacks.

From USS Wesson DE 184
 1 August 1944,
Wesson DE 184 steamed for the Marshalls and arrived at Eniwetok on 5 August for
upkeep and availability. From 29 to 30 August, the ship was drydocked to repaint her
underwater hull. On 2 September, Wesson got underway to rendezvous with Sitkoh Bay
(CVE-86) and Barnes (CVE-20) and proceed in company with the escort carriers to Manus in
the Admiralty Islands. The force arrived at Seeadler Harbor, Manus, on 10 September and, four
days later, sortied for a rendezvous off the Palau Islands in the Western Carolines. During flight
operations, Wesson rescued three airmen who had crashed upon launching. The destroyer escort
screened Sitkoh Bay as the escort carrier headed back to the Admiralty Islands for repairs to her
catapult.On 22 September, she and Mitchell (DE-43) left Seeadler Harbor, Manus Island,
escorting Guadalupe (AO-32) to a fueling area in the Palau Islands; but, on 29 September,
Wesson received orders to return to Manus.

From USS Wyman DE 38
 22 June 1944
Wyman DE 38 sailed for the Marshall Islands and began antisubmarine warfare
(ASW) operations in the American convoy routes between Eniwetok and Saipan.
   The destroyer escort arrived in her patrol zone on 9
July and refueled from GUADALUPE (AO-32) on the 11th.  She remained in the area from 12 to 18 July 1944.

Korean War

From USS Thompson DD 627
 4 October 1950
Thompson  DD 627 and sistership Carmick (DMS- 33) departed San Diego, Calif.,
and arrived at Pearl Harbor five days later. The next day, they got underway for Midway.
Twenty-four hours from their destination, orders directed them to patrol off Wake Island during
the meeting of General Douglas MacArthur and President Harry Truman. Thompson remained
there overnight, refueling at sea from Guadalupe (AO-32) before proceeding to Japan, arriving at Sasebo on the 21st.


From  USS Newport News CA 149
May 1972
TU 77.1.2 proceeded to Haiphong Harbor for the first multi-cruiser-destroyer surface strike since World War II, Operation CUSTOM TAILOR. At 0200 10MAY NEWPORT NEWS went to General Quarters.

Firing commenced at 0247 in the first surface action against the Haiphong Harbor complex. The targets in the operation were four miles south of Haiphong and along the Do Son Peninsula. At 0252 NEWPORT NEWS received hostile fire that totalled 100 rounds, but sustained no damage.
During the action NEWPORT NEWS fired 77 8-inch and 40 5-inch rounds and cause one secondary explosion.
After her two fire missions she withdrew from action and TU 77.1.2 departed the area at 0315. Late in the morning and early afternoon NEWPORT NEWS refueled from the USS GUADALUPE (AO 32).  Again at 2200 the group fired upon coastal targets until securing at 2353.