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Guadalupe "Movie Star"

"Greasy G"  Movie star story
Operating again after an extended WESTPAC cruise and usual 30 day leave/upkeep, providing services to FLETRAGRU SDIEGO.
During the week we received a message from SERVGRU ONE that a Hollywood studio was interested in
filming a fleet oiler underway who was relatively empty.  As we were due to return home on Friday, AO-32 was elected.  We were met off Newport Beach--the movie boat made two passes down the starboard side.  We didn't know which studio or movie they were making but several months later, my wife and I went to see "In Harm's Way" and were surprised to see GUADALUPE in all her glory just after the movie's Pearl Harbor bombing scenes when John Wayne's cruiser group was looking for an oiler before taking on the Japanese attacking force.  "Now, you know the rest of the story."
 I was Assistant Ops/Scheduling Officer for COMSERVGRU ONE
(San Diego) from 10/68- 2/71.

Ens. Gordon K. Kaufman