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USS Alamo LSD-33

On the last Unrep before departing the Tonkin Gulf, Subic, and Home to Long Beach we were refueling ships of PhibRon 7. .
These were to be the last ships to come alongside before "Homeward Bound". The  came alongside to starboard to take fuel from Stations #3 and #7. Rig 3 was sent over and hooked up on Alamo. Rig 7 was being sent over.
As we begin to pump on Rig 3; Alamo lost steering control; she veered to her port and struck Guadalupe in the starboard bow AvGas tank there ripping a gash 6' or so long above the waterline in Guadalupe. Alamo then backed away; Rig 3 pumping was shut down just as the rig broke a fell between the two ships.
With Rig 3 in the water Alamo again turned to her port and struck Guadalupe in the starboard bridge wing with her bow. At this point Guadalupe had slowed and turned to port  this allowed Alamo to pass and clear. Guadalupe stopped downed rig 3 recovered.
Refueling of the rest of the ships was canceled and we steamed to Subic Bay, P.I for repairs. Going home was not looking good at this point. Subic was only able to make temporary repairs and Guadalupe was sent to Sasabo, Japan for a more permanent repair. All this extended our 9 mo deployment to nearly 10 mo.

Irony:  I was once on the Alamo's sister ship LSD-32 and  prior serving on the Guad I was on a PhibRon 7 ship LKA-116 which didn't get refueled on this day.