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Agent Orange ALERT!!!!!!!

Don Dellone EM3  Served aboard Guad  65 - 68

He has sent the below e-mail to alert former shipmates of possible contact with Agent Orange.

I need to ask if you will do a broadcast to the Guad crew of our time ( Viet Nam) . As mentioned before - I have been diagnosed with Multiple Mylenoma, Type 2 Diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, and I have problems with my legs kicking out at times and some other small stuff - As stated in many reports these are all symptoms of exposure to agent orange. I filed with the VA at the urging of many of the guys in the VFW. It tool almost a year for the VA to reply - they denied each illness.
So what I am looking for are other people that sailed with us that may have come down with those same or similar symptoms. They might not even be aware they have the Mylenoma - I have a great doc that saw "stuff" in my blood results and sent me to an oncologist - did the bone marrow - and diagnosed it. Now they want a kidney biopsy because I have extremely high levels of protein in my urine................ and they don't know why.I take 14 pills a day - feel fair most of the time -
Please send this out if possible, and folks can reply to me
Thanks, Don Dellone EM3 - 65 - 68