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USS Raleigh LPD 1


Raleigh Class Amphibious Transport Dock; Laid down 23 June 1960 at New York Naval Shipyard, Brooklyn N.Y;
Launched 17 March 1962; Commissioned USS Raleigh (LPD-1), 8 September 1962; Decommissioned 31 December 1991;
Struck from Naval Register 25 January 1992; Final Disposition, disposed of as a target 4 December 1994.

Specifications: Displacement 8,650 t.(lt), 13,600 t.(fl), Length 522 ', Beam 100', Draft 23 ft., Speed 20 kts., Complement
490, Troop Capacity 1,000, Armament 8 3"/50 Gun Mounts; Power Plant; 2 Boilers, 2 Geared Turbines, 2 Shafts, 24,000
Shaft Horsepower.

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