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This page contains various interesting and little known facts about the Guadalupe
Provided by her crew.

 I served an 18-month tour on the Guadalupe in 1945-46. Crew included a reserve
 unit from Alabama, over 100 men strong. One kid we called "Hungry" Hudson was
 a semi-pro ball player. I was about 19 years of age, still impressionable, and I
 went home to Brooklyn with a southern accent.
 She was one of the largest sea-going tankers of her day,  one of  "The Big Five".

R. P. (Paul) Arleo FC3

 1945-46 We were station tanker in Okinawa, then in Jinsen Harbor, Korea.
 Had one great cruise to Bahrain in '46. Won the anchor pool in Singapore and
  had a hell of a party.
 R. P. (Paul) Arleo FC3

Guadalupe was station tanker in Okinawa for 5 months starting in August 1945.
On October 9, typhoon " Louise " hit the island with such fury that it all but wiped out
the fleet standing in Buckner Bay for the planned invasion of Japan. Thankfully, the
war had just ended.  If it had not, our forces were so decimated that an invasion
could have never been launched. Guadalupe was standing outside the harbor when the storm hit
and we were able to take her to sea and ride it out. I was a wheel watch and it was a hairy ride
R. P. (Paul) Arleo FC3

Click "LOUISE" for Typhoon damage report


Guad Received CNO Letter of Commendation for Operation End Sweep (1973 North Vietnam)
Info Provided by Don Johnson YN2