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America at War
          American Military History: World War II

                         January 9,1945

                         Army forces land in the Lingayen Gulf area of Luzon,
                         under the cover of naval gunfire and cba.  General Douglas
                         MacArthur is in overall command of the operation.  Vice Admiral
                         Kinkaid commands the naval forces and Lt. General Krueger is the
                         ground force commander.  In support of the landings, aircraft from a
                         fast carrier task force, under Vice Admiral McCain, bomb Japanese
                         airfields and shipping in the Formosa, Ryukyus and Pescadores
                         Islands area.  The battleship USS Mississippi (BB-41), light cruiser
                         USS Colombia (CL-56), and destroyer escort USS Hodges
                         (DE-231) are damaged by suicide plane in the Philippines.  The
                         transport USS Warhawk (AP-168) is damaged by suicide boat, the
                         battleship USS Colorado (BB-45) is accidentally damaged by US
                         naval gunfire, Oiler USS Guadalupe (AO-32)is damaged by
                         collision, LST's 925 & 1028 are damaged by depth
                         charges, all in the Philippines. Japanese submarine chasers No.s 61
                         and 90 and coast defense vessel No. 3 are sunk by carrier-based
                         aircraft in the Formosa area.