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USS Guadalupe AO 32

Flag Call Sign: "November India Bravo Papa"

R/T Call Sign: "Glitter Kilo"

Photo Anthoi Vietnam 1969

Guad Earned 24 Battle Stars Link

Midway- Attu- Guadalcanal- Gilberts-Truk-Marianas-Leyte Gulf-Lingayen Gulf- Iwo Jima- Okinawa
Last surviving ship of the Battle of Midway when Decommissioned 1974

Home Ports: Long Beach/San Diego, California
Nicknames: "Tijuana Taxi" "Greasy G" "Granny"
Navy's Oldest Active Fleet Oiler at the time of Decommissioning

"She may be old But She Still Put's Out"

"Unoffical" ships motto

Granny Flag

Welcome Alongside

Stand by for Shot Lines Fore and Aft

Dedicated to all those who Pumped: Black Oil, ND, JP-5, & AvGas.
Highlined: Mail,Passengers, Movies, Bullets & Beans.

My Cargo Crew who pumped in tropical heat to arctic cold from Singapore to the Aleutians.
On Dixie & Yankee Stations, in Haiphong Harbor and off Vladivostok

This site has over 61 pages & 275 image's


Cimarron Class Fleet Oiler:

Displacement: 24,830 tons
Length: 553'
Beam: 75'
Draft: 32' 4" Full Load
Speed: 18 knots
Armament: 4 5"/38 DP, 4x2 40mm, 4x2 20mm
Complement: 275
Capacity: 146,000 barrels
NSFO 8,610,000 gal, JP-5 1,344,000 gal, ND 2,352,000 gal, Av Gas 200,000 gal
Geared turbines engines,
4 450# CE K type Boilers, twin screws, 30,400 hp

Maritime Commission T3-S2-A1 type
Built at Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co.


Acquired by the Navy June 1940
Commissioned June 1941
Stricken from Navy Rolls 5-15-75 Disposed of 10-16-75 by MARAD Sale

Highline Mail Here

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Guadalupe II

My Personal Thanks to The USS Sterett DLG-31 "The Best Damn MIG Killer On Yankee Station"

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This Site Created 1/14/00
by Wm Fair HTC USN Ret.
Served aboard as HTC From 4/72 to 5/74
Transferred to FltTraGrp, Pearl Harbor

Last Update: 6/14/16